4-12 jul 2017 Heraklion, Crete - Greece

LC3 2017

Objectives & Scope


Our most precious personal resources are health, time, and money. Internationally, there are more conferences and workshops in most subject areas than there are days in a year. Every time we receive a call for papers, we all make a conscious or unconscious trade-off between the perceived value proposition of the event, and the time and money we have to invest to attend it. So why should you consider attending LC3?

LC3 is a special, one-of-a-kind event. Its value proposition for researchers and industry stems from its integration of three conferences, two PhD summer schools, one industry day and a variety of social, networking and tourism opportunities at a great location.

We hope to encourage large and diverse participation by making LC3 an all-in-one major event. We achieve that by co-locating three major conferences (CIB W78, CONVR and IGLC), and supplementing them with an industry day, a BIM workshop, the LC3 summer school for graduate students on BIM and Lean, the LC3 doctoral competition, the LC3 Mentoring programme, and several social and networking events.

We then further enhance the event’s value proposition by moving away from traditional technical processes in the greater Engineering Computing and Lean Construction Management communities. LC3 has largely adopted an organizational and technical structure from Computer Science conference series highly regarded for their technical quality. New features include:

  • Area Chairs in major thematic topics to manage relevant submissions.
  • Review process focused on delivering substantive reviews for full papers.
  • Ranking of accepted papers that guides the format of presentations.
  • Plenary sessions with keynote lectures delivered by the authors of the highest ranked papers.
  • Extended Abstracts / A3 formats submitted along with camera-ready papers and included in the LC3 programme.
  • After the event, video Proceedings on Youtube linked to the Proceedings, which will be available online and in print.
  • A fast track for the best papers to special issues in the leading Construction and Computing journals.

Our objective is to increase the scientific rigor of the reviewing process and reward authors with highly ranked papers. This will ensure that presentation sessions are interesting and value adding and that attendees get the most out of the time they invest in LC3.

LC3 brings together three separate diverse research communities and industry for eight days of high quality sessions and events that explore ideas on computing and lean concepts for the benefit of the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management industry. LC3 is also the sum of its parts; members of each community will find the conference they know and are familiar with.