4-12 jul 2017 Heraklion, Crete - Greece

LC3 2017

Proceedings and A3 Booklets


The paper titled “Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment of Buildings: An Overall Overview” (p95-104) has been retracted from the conference proceedings. If you possess digital or physical copies of this paper, we ask that you delete or dispose of them. Similarly, if you have a digital copy of the full JC3 proceedings, please delete the file and replace it with the updated copy available below.


JC3 Proceedings

The individual papers are available on the ITC SciX Digital Library here.

IGLC Full proceedings (part 1)

IGLC Full proceedings (part 2)

The individual papers are available on the IGLC website here.

A3 Summaries

JC3 A3 Booklet

IGLC A3 Booklet

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